Clash of the Champions
Clash of the Champions
Genre Reality Competition
Winner TBA
Runner-Up TBA
No. of Episodes TBA
No. of Players 29
Previous Season Moolah Beach 2: Back to the Beach
Next Season TBA

Clash of the Champions is the fiftieth season of the RSF Franchise, and is the fourth Original RSF Series Format. It is based on original rules with a basic premise taken from the early parts of the Invasion of the Champions format of the reality television series The Challenge (formerly known as the Real World/Road Rules Challenge). It is also the twentieth season of Generation 3. The season followed Moolah Beach 2: Back to the Beach.

This was the 3rd invite-only RSF Season. This season took 29 RSF Champions who had all previously won at least one RSF Championship and had them participate in a brand new format in which one of them would achieve the title of Golden RSF Champion.


This season had no applications but had all former RSF players who had won the title of RSF Champion sent invitations to participate in the season. 52 invitations were sent and 29 Champions accepted and were casted.

The season occurred from early August 2018 to TBA.

Notable Snubs


Players Original Season Finish
Absol The Duel
aiwfwyattroh Cutthroat
awwsum11 The Gauntlet 2
bbfan21 The Mole 3: Vengeance is Sweet
BBlover96 Survivor East vs West
BOBROCKS333 Moolah Beach
Christian_ The Mole 3: Vengeance is Sweet
coolexchangestudent A Coach's Game
Ethan000 Endurance Bora Bora
FrenchMaid Redneck Island
Gaiaphagee The Castle
Jkjkjk15 Free Agents
Jordonk Cutthroat
LaFierceBrittany2 Moolah Beach
Lalisa Battle of the Seasons 2
mysterygame2 Free Agents
nbkiller I Love Money
nick9811 Free Agents
Novamax243 Society Game
Patrick319 Cutthroat 2
Piddu Battle of the Seasons
Pieguy555 Solitary 2.0
rodrigueseve Cutthroat 3
semajdude The Island
splozojames50 Fresh Meat
Timster Fresh Meat
wuau Society Game
jharrin7887 Fresh Meat 28th Place
nothingbutrouble The Inferno 29th Place

Game summary

Episode Winner Key Card Recipient Auction Winner Elimination contestants Elimination Elimination outcome
# Challenge Voted In Elimination Pick Winner Loser
1 Weight Me Down splozojames50 Piddu Timster wuau nothingbutrouble The Scales of Justice wuau nothingbutrouble
jharrin7887 rodrigueseve rodrigueseve jharrin7887
2 Election Christian_ Lalisa bbfan21 Novamax243

Elimination chart

Contestants Challenges
Phase 1
aiwfwyattroh SAFE SAFE
awwsum11 SAFE SAFE
bbfan21 SAFE ELIM
Christian_ SAFE WIN
coolexchangestudent SAFE ELIM
Ethan000 SAFE SAFE
FrenchMaid SAFE SAFE
Gaiaphagee SAFE SAFE
Jkjkjk15 SAFE SAFE
LaFierceBrittany2 SAFE SAFE
mysterygame2 SAFE SAFE
nbkiller SAFE SAFE
nick9811 SAFE SAFE
Novamax243 SAFE ELIM
Patrick319 SAFE SAFE
Pieguy555 SAFE SAFE
rodrigueseve ELIM SAFE
semajdude SAFE SAFE
splozojames50 WIN SAFE
Timster WIN SAFE
jharrin7887 OUT
nothingbutrouble OUT


Contestants Episodes
 1  2
splozojames50 100 148 152
Christian_ 46 46 146
wuau 46 77 79
rodrigueseve 38 71 76
BOBROCKS333 47 55 65
Pieguy555 49 49 61
Lalisa 40 47 54
LaFierceBrittany2 44 44 53
Jordonk 49 49 50
BBlover96 46 46 50
FrenchMaid 40 40 50
mysterygame2 45 45 49
Absol 44 44 49
Patrick319 43 43 47
awwsum11 45 45 46
coolexchangestudent 44 44 46
nbkiller 44 44 46
bbfan21 43 43 45
aiwfwyattroh 42 42 44
semajdude 42 42 44
nick9811 39 39 41
Piddu 36 36 38
Ethan000 40 40 35
Gaiaphagee 29 29 32
Novamax243 46 46 28
Timster 48 0 5
Jkjkjk15 1 1 2
jharrin7887 32 0
nothingbutrouble 26 0
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