The first class of the RSF Hall of Fame were inducted before Season 20 and were announced at the end of the RSF Franchise awards in which all former players nominated for different categories and production chose the winner(s). The initial class of the RSF Hall of Fame in Generation 1 were all chosen as coaches in RSF Season 20: A Coach's Game.  

The second class of the RSF Hall of Fame were inducted following Season 30 at what was believed to be the end of the RSF Franchise. Based solely on their performance in Generation 2, 5 more players were inducted into the RSF Hall of Fame. 

Generation 1

Members Original Season Championships
BOBROCKS333 Moolah Beach Moolah Beach
The Mole
I Love Money
Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Fresh Meat
The Castle
The Gauntlet
The Duel 2
Battle of the Seasons 2
BBlover96 Survivor East vs West Big Brother: The Mystery Room
The Gauntlet
A Coach's Game
Piddu Battle of the Seasons Battle of the Seasons
The Ruins
Fresh Meat 2
Cutthroat 2
splozojames50 Fresh Meat The Gauntlet
The Ruins
The Genius
Redneck Island
The Castle 2
sarge455 Big Brother: The Mystery Room Survivor Worldwide
Fresh Meat 2

Generation 2

Members Original Season Championships
nbkiller I Love Money The Gauntlet
Pirate Master
Timster Fresh Meat The Ruins
A Coach's Game
Free Agents
Ethan000 Endurance Bora Bora Endurance Bora Bora
American Grit
Solitary 2.0
Cutthroat 3
Redneck Island 2
Jordonk Cutthroat The Inferno
aiwfwyattroh Cutthroat Cutthroat
The Quest: All Stars

Generation 3

Members Original Season Championships
Christian_ The Mole 3: Vengeance is Sweet Bachelor Pad
Gaiaphagee The Castle Bachelor Pad
bambinoswag Endurance Bora Bora The Gauntlet 2
The Island
Absol The Duel The Gauntlet 2
obscurity Solitary Rise of the Underdogs

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