Moolah Beach
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Genre Reality Competition
Winner BOBROCKS333/ohhayy
Runner-Up Tykeal/LilAngelBaby
No. of Players 20
Next Season The Mole

Moolah Beach was the inaugral season of the RSF Franchise. It is based off of the American reality television series that shares it's name. During this season of Moolah Beach, twenty contestants were divided into 10 teams of 2 based on a mission where they got to select partners.

There were 13 idols based in Hawaiian fokelore with one containing the grand prize and victory.  The team that ultimately ended the season with the idol containing the victory would be crowned Champions.

Each round teams participated in 2 types of missions, Kahuna Missions and Makahiki Missions.  In Kahuna missions, the team (later on the 2nd place team as well) would compete for the right to select two idols to keep in their possession in hopes of choosing the correct idol.  In addition they earned clues that would point in the direction of the correct idol.  In Makahiki missions, players would compete to survive the elimination with their placement in the mission determining how many offerings they would earn to give the Great Kahuna which would ultimately decide their fate.  The winner would earn 10 offerings, 2nd place earned 9 and so on until last place had only 1.  The Great Kahuna (chatzy randomizer) would then select offerings one by one until offerings from all but one team had been chosen.  The team with unchosen offerings would be forced to leave the game and had any idols they owned to the possession of another team.

When down to the Final 2, players were tempted with rewards in exchange for giving some of their idols to their opponents possibly decreasing their chances of winning.

In the end, BOBROCKS333 and ohhayy owned the idol with the victory over Tykeal and LilAngelBaby, and were crowned the inaugural RSF champions.


Applications for Moolah Beach opened on October 22, 2010 and lasted roughly 3 days. Applicants were free to apply under male or female. Initially, only 11 people applied as female and 10 were chosen based on the applicataions. Over 50 people applied as male with 9 initially being chosen based on the applications.

7 were chosen to participate in the Last Chance Poll where the player who received the most votes would become the final Male Contestant. After 108 votes were cast, the winner of the Last Chance Poll with 26 votes was:

Player Original Season
turney1805 None

Notable Snubs

The following players applied for the season but were not cast and would either make a future appearance in the RSF Franchise or had previously been a competitor on a former RSF Season:

Player Original Season
amf7410 I Love Money

The season occurred from late October 2010 to mid-November 2010.


Players Original Season Finish
BOBROCKS333 None Winner
Tykeal None Runner-Up
alexfl None 3rd Place
austino15fffan None 4th Place
turney1805 None 5th Place
Survivor8 None 6th Place
BB5lover None 7th Place
gxvgxv94 None 8th Place
black0ut247 None 9th Place
talldude_1031 None 10th Place
Players Original Season Finish
ohhayy None Winner
LilAngelBaby None Runner-Up
Selene365 None 3rd Place
QueenDoe None 4th Place
Yingyang None 5th Place
Leacroft None 6th Place
tinydancer None 7th Place
brittanyfierce None 8th Place 
Diva1 None 9th Place
bobcatmascot16 None 10th Place
Partner 1Partner 2Finish
BOBROCKS333 ohhayy Winners
Tykeal LilAngelBaby Runner-Ups
alexfl Selene365 3rd Place
austino15fffan QueenDoe 4th Place
turney1805 Yingyang 5th Place
Survivor8 Leacroft 6th Place
BB5lover tinydancer 7th Place
gxvgxv94 brittanyfierce 8th Place
black0ut247 Diva1 9th Place
talldude_1031 bobcatmascot16 10th Place
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