Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire
Survivor Atlantis
Genre Reality Competition
Winner BOBROCKS333
Runner-Up BBlover96
No. of Players 23
Previous Season I Love Money
Next Season Fresh Meat

Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire is the sixth season of the RSF Franchise, and is based off of the American CBS competitive reality television series Survivor. The season followed I Love Money.

This season saw the tribes divided into 2 tribes, Fans (players who had never participated in a previous RSF Season) against Favorites (players who had participated in at least 1 previous RSF Season). Players who were deemed fans were chosen by production to participate based on applications while all favorites who applied were placed in a poll which lasted several days with the players with the most votes when the poll closed being selected to participate as Tengaged's favorites. The respective tribes' names were Faial (Fans) and Terceira (Favorites). In the fifth episode, the remaining sixteen castaways underwent a tribe swap.

In addition to the Fans vs Favorites twist, there was a hidden twist known as The Temple based on the Island of the Dead concept taken from the Israeli version of Survivor known as Hisardut. This twist would later be adapted by the American version and dubbed Redemption Island. Both the Israeli Survivor and Survivor Atlantis pre-dated the initial airing of Survivor Redemption Island. When a player was voted out they were not out of the game but went to the Temple to participate against the current resident in a duel, with the winner of the duel remaining at the Temple while the loser was out for good. The winner of the Final Duel would re-enter the game when only 3 players remained, thus being a part of the Final Four and leading to one more round before the Finals.  One player did not start the game on a tribe but began it at The Temple.

Throughout the duration of the game, 4 Hidden Immunity Idols were hidden in blogs with players needing to find the blogs to claim the idols.  By winning immunity, players earned clues to their location.  In the game, titan24maniac found all four idols, playing two of them during the merge on other players and being voted out with the remaining 2 in his possession.

There was a Final Three facing a jury of nine, which included players that were voted out before the merge. In addition to the 9 jury members, during the merge there was a Survivor Auction in which a mystery box was won by a contestant which contained a jury vote in their favor should they make the Final Tribal Council. This scenario came to fruition thus leading to 10 total jury votes.

At Final Tribal Council, there was a tie for the winner with two players each receiving 4 votes to win. The tiebreak in this season was a short poll which was open to the public for a short amount of time with the player with the most votes earning the title of Champion.

In the end, BOBROCKS333 defeated BBlover96 and Insanity17 by a vote of 4-4-1 to become the Sole Survivor. BOBROCKS333 defeated BBlover96 in the tiebreaker poll to earn the title of Sole Survivor.


Applications for Survivor Atlantis: The Lost Empire opened on March 31, 2011 and were open for roughly 4 days. Roughly 53 people (21 Fans, 32 Favorites) applied for the season and 8 Fans were initially cast with 3 spots left open for the Last Chance Poll.

All fans who applied and were not cast participated in the Last Chance Poll where the 2 players who received the most votes in the poll would become the final fans of the season. After 81 votes were cast, the winner of the Last Chance Poll with 20 and 14 votes was:

Player Original Season
rt72 None
adam12 None

After the Last Chance Poll, johnoliver96 was chosen by production as a replacement for the Tengaged user, Leahtyer who was originally cast but did not sign the rules in time 

All 32 Favorites were placed in one of four polls which over the casting period received 160, 101, 156 and 132 votes respectively. The two players in each poll who received the most votes plus the next two people who got the most votes were the Favorites tribe for the season. As the winner of the previous season, BOBROCKS333 earned a guaranteed pass onto the season allowing him to surpass the polls.

Player Original Season Poll # # of Votes
BBlover96 Survivor East vs West 3 31
BOBROCKS333 Moolah Beach --- ---
cheese98 I Love Money 4 22
Dash The Mole 3 49
Dito I Love Money 1 36
Diva1 Moolah Beach 2 30
Insanity17 I Love Money 1 42
sarge455 Big Brother: The Mystery Room 4 35
Sparticus142 Big Brother: The Mystery Room 3 13
talldude_1031 Moolah Beach 4 27
tinydancer Moolah Beach 2 18

The season occurred from early April 2011 to mid-May 2011.

Notable Snubs

The following players applied for the season but were not cast and would either make a future appearance in the RSF Franchise or had previously been a competitor on a former RSF Season:

Player Original Season
amf7410 I Love Money
BadBoyzClub Fresh Meat
bekla123 The Castle
black0ut247 Moolah Beach
codydh The Mole
Corn Big Brother: The Mystery Room
DBWs The Mole
dwick Survivor East vs West
GabCo Survivor East vs West
iangavin Survivor East vs West
Leacroft Moolah Beach
LilAngelBaby Moolah Beach
Mybash I Love Money
nbkiller I Love Money
QueenDoe Moolah Beach
snels66 Big Brother: The Mystery Room
Spritester I Love Money
teamjacz The Mole
thecoolyest I Love Money
trev3 I Love Money
Tykeal Moolah Beach
vockle9 Survivor East vs West
Yingyang Moolah Beach
zaza Big Brother: The Mystery Room


Players Original Season Finish
BOBROCKS333 Moolah Beach Winner
BBlover96 Survivor East vs West Runner-Up
Insanity17 I Love Money Second Runner-Up
sarge455 Big Brother: The Mystery Room 4th Place
Diva1 Moolah Beach 5th Place
noraw6842 None 6th Place
Dash The Mole 7th Place
cheese98 I Love Money 8th Place
aerothunder None 9th Place
titan24maniac None 10th Place
irberger24 None 11th Place
Sparticus142 Big Brother: The Mystery Room 12th Place
johnoliver96 None 13th Place
rt72 None 14th Place
adam12 None 15th Place
logan44244 None 16th Place
Zed55 None 17th Place
tinydancer Moolah Beach 18th Place
Schmidty None 19th Place
talldude_1031 Moolah Beach 20th Place
kumquat78910111 None 21st Place
Dito I Love Money 22nd Place
srgeman None 23rd Place


Contestant Original Tribe Switched Tribe Merged Tribe Voted Out Temple Result Total votes
srgeman Faial 1st Voted Out Lost Duel 1 6
Dito Terceira 2nd Voted Out Lost Duel 2 7
kumquat78910111 N/A Lost Duel 3 0
talldude_1031 Terceira 4th Voted Out DQ'd Duel 4 8
Schmidty Faial 3rd Voted Out DQ"d Duel 5 9
tinydancer Terceira Terceira 7th Voted Out Ineligible for Duel 6 12
Zed55 Faial Faial 6th Voted Out Lost Duel 6 7
logan44244 Faial Faial 8th Voted Out DQ'd Duel 7 8
Faial Faial 5th Voted Out DQ'd Duel 8 7
rt72 Faial Terceira 9th Voted Out Lost Duel 8 7
johnoliver96 Faial Terceira Merged 11th Voted Out Lost Duel 9 8
Sparticus142 Terceira Faial 12th Voted Out Lost Duel 10 
1st Jury Member
irberger24 Faial Faial 13th Voted Out Ineligble for Duel 11
2nd Jury Member
titan24maniac Faial Terceira 14th Voted Out Lost Duel 12
3rd Jury Member
aerothunder Faial Terceira 10th Voted Out Lost Duel 13
4th Jury Member
cheese98 Terceira Faial Merged 16th Voted Out
DQ'd Duel 14
5th Jury Member
Dash Terceira Terceira 15th Voted Out Lost Duel 15
6th Jury Member
noraw6842 Faial Terceira 18th Voted Out Quit Mid-Duel 16
7th Jury Member
Diva1 Terceira Faial 19th Voted Out Lost Duel 17
8th Jury Member
sarge455 Terceira Faial

20th Voted Out
9th Jury Member

Insanity17 Terceira Terceira Second Runner-Up 2*
BBlover96 Terceira Faial Runner-Up 6
BOBROCKS333 Terceira Terceira 17th Voted Out
Sole Survivor
Returned 9
The Total Votes is the number of votes a castaway has received during Tribal Councils where the castaway is eligible to be voted out of the game. It does not include the votes received during the final Tribal Council.
An asterisk next to a number denotes that an Idol was played on that Castaway during at least 1 Tribal Council and any votes cast against them were nullified.

Episode Summaries

Episode  The Temple Immunity Voted Out Vote Finish
Inhabitant Challenger Winner  Eliminated
Episode 1 kumquat78910111 N/A Terceira srgeman 3-3-2-1-1-1;
1st Voted Out
Episode 2 kumquat78910111 srgeman kumquat789101111 srgeman Faial Dito 7-2-2 2nd Voted Out
Episode 3 kumquat78910111 Dito kumquat789101111 Dito Terceira Schmidty 7-2-1 3rd Voted Out
Episode 4 kumquat78910111 Schmidty Schmidty kumquat789101111 Faial talldude_1031 8-1-1 4th Voted Out
Episode 5 Schmidty talldude_1031 Schmidty talldude_1031 Terceira adam12 6-2-1 5th Voted Out
Episode 6 Schmidty adam12 adam12 Schmidty sarge455 Zed55 5-2-1 6th Voted Out
noraw6842 tinydancer 9-0 7th Voted Out
Episode 7 adam12 Zed55 adam12 tinydancer Terceira logan44244 5-2 8th Voted Out
tinydancer Zed55
Episode 8 adam12 logan44244 adam12 logan44244 Dash
aerothunder 7-7-2 9th Voted Out
rt72 10th Voted Out
Episode 9 adam12 rt72 aerothunder adam12 BBlover96 johnoliver96 7-4-1-1-1 11th Voted Out
aerothunder rt72
Episode 10 aerothunder johnoliver96 aerothunder johnoliver96 BOBROCKS333 Sparticus142 5-1

12th Voted Out

Episode 11 aerothunder Sparticus142 aerothunder Sparticus142
1st Jury Member
irberger24 9-1

13th Voted Out

Episode 12 aerothunder irberger24 aerothunder irberger24
2nd Jury Member
titan24maniac 5-4

14th Voted Out

Episode 13 aerothunder titan24maniac aerothunder titan24maniac
3rd Jury Member
BOBROCKS333 Dash 6-2

15th Voted Out

Episode 14 aerothunder Dash Dash aerothunder
4th Jury Member
BOBROCKS333 cheese98 5-2

16th Voted Out

Episode 15 Dash cheese98 Dash cheese98
5th Jury Member
Insanity17 BOBROCKS333 3-3;

17th Voted Out

Episode 16 Dash BOBROCKS333 BOBROCKS333 Dash
6th Jury Member
Insanity17 noraw6842 4-1

18th Voted Out

Episode 17 BOBROCKS333 noraw6842 BOBROCKS333 noraw6842
7th Jury Member
Insanity17 Diva1 2-2;
Poll Tiebreaker

19th Voted Out

Episode 18 BOBROCKS333 Diva1 BOBROCKS333 Diva1
8th Jury Member
Insanity17 sarge455 2-2;
Poll Tiebreaker

20th Voted Out
9th Jury Member

Reunion Jury Votes Insanity17 4-4-1;
Poll Tiebreaker
2nd Runner-Up
BBlover96 Runner-Up
BOBROCKS333 Sole Survivor

**During this round, all players participated individually with the 6 who won immunity not attending Tribal Council. The remaining players went to Tribal and each voted twice with the 2 players with the most votes being voted out of the game.

Voting History

Episode #: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 Reunion
Eliminated: Tie srgeman Dito Schmidty talldude_1031 adam12 Zed55 tinydancer logan44244 aerothunder & rt72 johnoliver96 Sparticus142 irberger titan24maniac Dash cheese98 Tie BOBROCKS333 noraw6842 Diva1 sarge455 Insanity17 BBlover96 BOBROCKS333
Vote: 3-3-2-1-1-1 3-2 7-2-2 7-2-1 8-1-1 6-2-1 5-2-1 9-0 5-2 7-7-2 7-4-1-1-1 5-1 9-1 5-4 6-2 5-2 3-3 3-1 4-1 2-2 2-2 4-4-1
Voters Vote
BOBROCKS333 Diva1 talldude_1031 tinydancer irberger24 Sparticus142 irberger24 cheese98 BBlover96 cheese98 BBlover96 Ineligble sarge455 Jury Vote
BBlover96 Dito talldude_1031 adam12 Zed55 logan44244 rt72/aerothunder johnoliver96 (x2)* Insanity17** irberger24 titan24maniac Dash cheese98 BOBROCKS333 Ineligble noraw6842 sarge455 BOBROCKS333
Insanity17 Dito talldude_1031 tinydancer johnoliver96 Sparticus142 irberger24 cheese98 BBlover96 cheese98 BBlover96 BBlover96 noraw6842 sarge455 sarge455
sarge455 Dito talldude_1031 adam12 Zed55 logan44244 rt72/aerothunder johnoliver96 Insanity17 (x3)*** irberger24 titan24maniac Dash Insanity17 BOBROCKS333 BOBROCKS333 noraw6842 Diva1 BOBROCKS333 BBlover96
Diva1 Dito talldude_1031 adam12 Zed55 logan44244 rt72/aerothunder johnoliver96 Insanity17 irberger24 titan24maniac Dash cheese98 BBlover96 BOBROCKS333 noraw6842 SELF VOTE BBlover96
noraw6842 Schmidty Ineligble Schmidty tinydancer irberger24 Sparticus142 irberger24 titan24maniac Dash cheese98 BOBROCKS333 BOBROCKS333 Diva1 BOBROCKS333
Dash Diva1 SELF VOTE tinydancer cheese98 Sparticus142 irberger24 cheese98 SELF VOTE BOBROCKS333
cheese98 Dito talldude_1031 adam12 Zed55 logan44244 rt72/aerothunder johnoliver96 noraw6842 cheese98 titan24maniac Dash Insanity17 BBlover96
aerothunder noraw6842 DID NOT VOTE johnoliver96 tinydancer SELF VOTE (x2) BOBROCKS333
titan24maniac srgeman srgeman Schmidty tinydancer BOBROCKS333 Sparticus142 DID NOT VOTE cheese98 BOBROCKS333
irberger24 srgeman srgeman Schmidty SELF VOTE SELF VOTE SELF VOTE SELF VOTE (x2) SELF VOTE SELF VOTE SELF VOTE BBlover96****
Sparticus142 Dito talldude_1031 adam12 Zed55 logan44244 rt72/aerothunder johnoliver96 Insanity17 Insanity17
johnoliver96 adam12 srgeman Schmidty tinydancer Dash
rt72 noraw6842 noraw6842 Schmidty tinydancer SELF VOTE (x2)
adam12 noraw6842 noraw6842 Schmidty irberger24
logan44244 SELF VOTE DID NOT VOTE Zed55 Diva1 SELF VOTE irberger24
Zed55 srgeman DID NOT VOTE Schmidty adam12 logan44244
tinydancer SELF VOTE talldude_1031 SELF VOTE
talldude_1031 Dito tinydancer
Dito tinydancer
srgeman irberger24 Ineligble

*During the Survivor Auction, BBlover96 earned the right to cast 2 votes at any Tribal Council they chose and used it here with 2 votes against johnoliver96.

**During the Survivor Auction, noraw6842 earned the right to secretly nullify a vote of another player at any Tribal Council and secretly nullified BBlover96's vote. It would ultimately not matter since a Hidden Immunity Idol would be played on Insanity17.

***During the Survivor Auction, sarge455 earned the right to cast 3 votes at any Tribal Council they chose and used it here with 3 votes against Insanity17.

****irberger24 did not cast a vote at the Final Tribal Council. During the Survivor Auction, BBlover96 earned a mystery box which when opened at the Final Tribal Council, resulted in one automatic jury vote in their favor.

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